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Now Hiring: Digital Colorist for Graphic Novel

Panel from Murdock's Girls: Part 1

Some exciting news...I've been working on a graphic novel! I wrote the script and drew the first 25% of the pages.  Now those pages need color so I can pitch the book to publishers. 

I'm looking for a digital colorist, or digital artist that wants to break into coloring, who will ideally remain on the project until it's completed (about 85 pages). I'm trying for the traditional print route, but I will self-publish it if that doesn't work out.

The graphic novel is a cartoon style period drama about British orphan girls who are being sent to work on a farm in Canada a few years before WWI.  I imagine it will appeal to fans of Anne of Green Gables, The Boxcar Children, and Swallows and Amazons.  It has Catholic themes, including the conversion of the main character over a 2-book story arc, but also contains many other universally relatable themes like identity and belonging, friendship, and grief.

Here's what I'm looking for in a good colorist:

1. Comfortable with a more feminine or nuanced color palette.  There are many superhero comic colorists out there, but I'd rather work with someone who can visualize a more aesthetically pleasing and coordinated palette (cool for boat/outdoor scenes, warm for indoor scenes, characters' colors related and not clashing or oversaturated).

2. Must draw in the whites of the child characters' eyes. I have a slightly anime-influenced style with only top and bottom outlines of eyes, but the sides are open, so they can't just get bucket-filled. Also, some panels are simple, but some are highly detailed with cross-hatching and plaid, and might need a more creative approach. There is opportunity to show off more painterly skills on the front cover or in the larger more dramatic panels. The pages are all hand inked and scanned, so you'll be getting access to greyscale .png files on Dropbox.

3. A good communicator. It would be great if we could chat over Zoom or email more about what I have in mind for the characters and so you can ask questions if my drawing isn't clear (e.g., "is that part of a dress or the background?")

If you're interested, please send me (Amanda Danziger) an email to with your rates and a link to samples of your work, and I will get back to you. Thank you!

Panel from Murdock's Girls: Part 1 (copyright A.R. Danziger 2022)