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A Radio Interview, and What Celtic Art Means to Me

Easter greetings, everyone! Here’s a recently finished Celtic knot cross; my latest in a series of Celtic motif paintings. I’ve also just completed a major update to my website. While I love all styles of medieval art from Mozarabic to International Gothic, I’ve changed my quatrefoil logo to a Celtic knot logo to reflect my particular love for the Early Christian Art of the British Isles. I think Celtic knotwork speaks of the eternal—  the underlying harmony and order of the universe necessary for life and beauty to flourish.  I’ve been wanting to write more on the subject, especially in response to some great content on Substack recently, but some technical difficulties kept me from easily sharing my Blogger posts.  That’s solved now, but my domain name “” redirects here to my old Blogger handle “”  That seems somehow appropriate these days. I don’t want to jump onto a trendy new platform; I’d prefer my articles remain accessible to everyone and