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Oktoberfest Labels

It's that time of year again when my dear husband carefully prepares home-brewed beer in our garage in anticipation of the parish Oktoberfest.  I've designed a couple of new labels for the occasion, and he has high hopes for these two new batches: For the first I re-did the old label and made it specifically for the Dunkelweizen which he's been refining for the past couple of years: The second is for a roggenbier -  a medieval style of rye beer, which is much like a hefeweizen but using rye grain instead of wheat.  I thought to myself, what could be more suitably medieval than the Harvest of the Earth from Revelation 14 found in 12th century illuminated manuscripts? Here's the one from Paris MS 403 which was my primary inspiration: Here is my version, using Daniel Smith walnut ink:

Vestment Design

A while ago I had the great privilege of collaborating with Altarworthy Handmade Vestments to create a design for the back of a priest's chasuble. Here was my original concept: Here is the finished product, modified by Altarworthy and used on a real chasuble! This is a close-up showing the metallic embroidery on the chalice and the red garnets which symbolize Christ's 5 wounds: This is part of a vestment set for newly ordained Fr. James Mawdsley, FSSP.  "O Holy Mother of God, pray for the priests your Son has chosen to serve the Church. Help them, by your intercession, to be holy, zealous, and chaste. Make them models of virtue in the service of God's people. Help them be pious in meditation, efficacious in preaching, and zealous in the daily offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Help them administer the Sacraments with love and joy. Amen."  -St. Charles Borromeo

New Book Cover: The Catholic Middle Ages

This summer I completed another book cover for Cruachan Hill Press. This one is for "The Catholic Middle Ages: Readings and Questions, A Primary Document Catholic Study Course" by Phillip Campbell.  From the Cruachan Hill Press website: "In The Catholic Middle Ages , Phillip Campbell uses the primary source method to walk students through the history of the medieval world. Beginning with the fall of the Roman Empire and moving up to the eve of the Reformation, The Catholic Middle Ages brings the persons and events of the medieval world to life with thirty-five primary source documents. Featuring the writings of saints, legal codes, eyewitness descriptions of battles, excerpts from period literature, and much more, The Catholic Middle Ages sourcebook immerses students in the life and thought of medieval Christendom to learn its history first hand from those who were there."   Read more and order here...

Treasures of Heaven: Medieval Goldsmiths

This is a video produced by The British Museum which demonstrates the metalworking technique called repoussĂ©.  Metal sheets are hammered into shape from behind to create the ornamentation found on medieval reliquaries.

Lindau Gospels Cover c.880 A.D.

While I'm on break from making art, I'll try to post some art history videos.  There are some interesting ones by Smarthistory which has partnered with Khan Academy to offer free art history courses online . This video discusses the metal cover for the Lindau Gospels from the Carolingian period, the influence of Classical Roman art on early Medieval art, and the symbolism of the composition and jewels which allude to the book of Revelation: