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St. Francis, St. Patrick, St. Thomas Aquinas

Hello again! I recently had the chance to make good scans of some pen and ink projects I completed over the past few months. Here's a "master copy" of El Greco's St. Francis Recieving the Stigmata. I used pen and ink plus ink wash: Here is the completed St. Patrick drawing. I used cotton vellum paper to trace up the celtic knot border, pencil drawing of St. Pat, and text and make them one finished image:   And finally, here is St. Thomas Aquinas, the same as before, but a better quality scan: They are all formatted to the same size so that I can add them easily to my portfolio website the next time I make updates.

Portrait Drawing

It's been a busy few weeks! Here are the results of a 5-week portrait drawing class that I just completed at Gage Academy of Art.  We learned a lot about anatomy and proportion. Each pose was 2-3 hours long. I used charcoal pencil for the first two and pencil for the rest. My skills really improved with each class. We also had to draw a self portrait each week for homework, and this is the one that turned out the best: