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Pop-Up High Mass Card

Here is a craft you can make, maybe as an Easter present or as a way to teach kids about the Mass. It folds out into a tiny high altar with a little priest and altar boys. This started out as a gift idea for my children, but I decided to make it in a format that could be reproduced and write instructions for how to construct it.  Free PDF file here:  Pop-Up High Mass Card Materials recommended: card stock or some kind of sturdy 8.5" x 11" paper for printing X-acto knife and/or scissors cutting surface ruler glue stick Instructions: 1. Download PDF file and print out. 2. Separate pop-up card side from priest side. 3. Cut sides of altar and stairs along dashed line. Start below top dotted line.  If you are using scissors, fold the card in half and snip a slot for the scissors to get started. 4. Score along dotted lines to make folding easier. Use dull side of x-acto blade or a single scissors blade. Make alternating folds

The Crucified Christ

Fra Angelico, circa 1437-1446. Museo di San Marco, Florence.